Bacchus goes Green

Emerald announces:

„Bacchus Goes Green” – Interdisciplinary and International Wine Conference, Dijon, France 8-10 July 2009

We are pleased to announce the 4th Bacchus Conference, which follows on from the success of the premier edition in 2002, entitled ‘Bacchus to the Future’, before our first effort with 2005’s Bacchus in Bourgogne; and the most recent incarnation of the 2007 Bacchus at Brock. These events have set a high standard, which we wish to continue with ‘Bacchus goes Green’ in 2009.
The prime objective of this colloquium is to throw open our research discipline to the eager and critical eyes of the world’s experts in order to encourage a healthy exchange of ideas across the different fields of research in the wine and gastronomy sectors. Bacchus is conducted so that attendees benefit through the provision of feedback on their research, aiding the researcher in pursuit of journal publications. Secondly, this conference recognises the importance of experiencing the unique cultural elements of the wine and gastronomy sectors. Events are planned with these objectives in mind, encouraging attendees to engage socially with other professionals and academics in the local environment.
The theme that we have chosen for this event was selected due to the salience of two major issues facing these sectors: The natural environment and innovations. The colour green is the global symbol of nature and the planet, while also being recognised in many cultures as a symbol of all things new. Accordingly, we chose to adopt the theme of the 2009 conference as ‘Bacchus goes Green‘.

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