ANBPR recruits International Consultant for designing the course Library Services Development

The National Association of Public Libraries and Librarians in Romania (ANBPR) was established in 1990 as a result of the librarians’ aims to express and defend their professional interests in an organized structure. Representative association of this professional category, ANBPR acts as a forum for professional discussions and contributes to the sustaining and upgrading of the librarian profession. At the same time ANBPR represents its librarian members in relation with the policy makers. The Association has more than 3300 members, branches with national coverage and it has a constant activity from the beginning until nowadays. The association’s activity is focused on objectives that contribute both to the professional training and to enhancing the performances of the librarians, as well as it contribute to the strengthening of the organizational capacity building and it aims to rich a new level of competences.
One of the most important lines of action of the Association is to develop the librarians’ profession and to share the best experiences and the most successful practices in this area of activity.
In the training field and professional development, the Association aims to develop an own portfolio of accredited courses, appropriate to the actual level of development of the public libraries in Romania. Within its training programs, ANBPR proposes several topics, develops and accredits the course structure and, especially, is involved directly, through its experts, in delivering of some specific courses. The county libraries transformed, for a short period, in regional training centers, provides support for the courses’ administration.
IREX in partnership with the ANBPR implements the national program named Biblionet – the world in my library – one of the most important investments in facilitating the public access to the Internet and building a sustainable system of modern public libraries in Romania. Biblionet has a total budget of 26.9 million dollars, and it is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a period of five years. The Biblionet program’s objective is to facilitate to the Romanian community the access to the tools of the IT&C, based on the fact that over 50% of the population, especially in rural areas doesn’t have access to the Internet. Through this program, more than 1,600 public libraries in Romania will receive computers for public access to the Internet through a competitive selection process and more than 3,000 librarians will participate into training sessions in order to know how to use the full potential of the new technological resources in the interest of the community.
The county libraries selected in Biblionet program already have a number of trainers, to which will be added several new ANPBR trainers who will be involved in training activities for librarians. All the librarians in the libraries involved in Biblionet, selected from urban and rural areas, will benefit of an initiating course of development of the modern library services, provided by IREX Romania. This course, with the theme Fundamentals of the modern library services development, will be a three days course, and will represent an extension of the previously delivered training course in IT. The purpose of the course is to offer new basic skills in the development of the modern library services. This course delivered by IREX Romania is scheduled to take place in about three months after the reception and commissioning of the equipment provided through the Biblionet program.
ANBPR will design and deliver a five days course, which will be an extension of the three days course initiated by IREX Romania. The ANBPR course will provide the participants a set of advanced skills regarding the development and delivery of the new services of library, based, especially on the IT&C technologies.
ANBPR will accredit the course and will begin to deliver it no later than the end of the 2010.
For this purpose, ANBPR wishes to recruit an international consultant who will work for an estimated period of 20 days on the following:
– To achieve the relevant content, lesson plans and power point presentations for the course;
– To work together with the Romanian consultant in order to obtain the design of the training course and coordinate their common work;
– To revise the content of the course, as a result of the feedback obtained at the end of the pilot session.

The relevant competency areas for the international consultant have to be:

– at least 10 years experience in the library and information science sector in a country with modern public library services;
– an extended experience in working with public libraries in one advanced country and a proved expertise in developing a training curricula on the library services;
– a consistent knowledge about the Romanian library system represents an important advantage.

The deliverables expected from the international consultant are:
1. The TNA analysis (coordination of the team together with the Romanian consultant);
2. The course outline (coordination of the team together with the Romanian consultant and the Professional Development Commission of the ANBPR);

3. The course manual, which includes: the hand-outs for both participants and trainer curricula, the course lesson plans for the trainer and the relevant PPTs (in collaboration with the Romanian consultant).
The expected deliverables are:
1. The course design (in collaboration with the Romanian consultant and the Professional Development Commission of ANBPR);
2. The course handbook includes: participant’s manual and trainer’s curriculum, the course lesson plan and relevant presentations course (materials achieved in collaboration with the Romanian consultant).

June 8 – July 5, 2010 – registration / interviews;
July 8, 2010 – signing of the contract (at the ANBPR location);
July 9, 2010 – defining the course (at the ANBPR location);
July 9 – July 31, 2010 – completion the course content, presentations, the trainer’s agenda and other annexes.
Interested persons are invited to send a resume until 2 July 2010 at the email:, with the subject Training consultant, accompanied by one-page letter of intention.


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  1. Draga Ioana, cine ne sunt consultantii care lucreaza in plina vara la acest curs? Cei care au experienta in bibliotecile de la noi si vor sa ajute voluntar la redactarea acestui curs pe cine pot sa contacteze?

    In speranta unui raspuns, multumesc frumos.

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