IFLA 2008

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Conferinţa IFLA în 2008 va avea loc intre 10 si 14 august in Québec, Canada. Dintre secţiunile care primesc articole pentru a fi prezentate mai sunt câteva la care mai pot fi trimise abstracte:

  • In and Out (of Copyright): Contrasting Perspectives on Digitization of Library Collections – 1 februarie;
  • Agricultural Information Transfer Systems Worldwide – 31 ianuarie;
  • The Legal Deposit of Audiovisual and Multimedia materials: practice around the world – 15 ianuarie;
    Global resource sharing across borders: crossing geographical, language and conceptual boundaries in interlibrary loan and document delivery services – 31 ianuarie;
  • Recruiting students into LIS programmes: Navigating towards global understanding – 1 februarie;
  • Globalization of government information: creating digital archives for increased access – 15 ianuarie;
  • Conquering Barriers – The Politics of Information: Communication, Collaboration, and Content – 1 Februarie;
  • Return on Investment: Learners’ Outcomes in Information Literacy. Do they really learn? – 30 ianuarie;
  • Enabling access to the global library – Small is Beautiful: Distributed deployment of library services for small and special libraries – 30 ianuarie;
  • Theoretical Approaches to Research on Libraries as Space and Place – 30 ianuarie;
  • Managing Libraries in a Changing Environment – Legal, Technical, and Organizational Aspects – 18 februarie;
  • Science across Libraries: provision of science and technology information resources and services in diverse settings – 14 ianuarie;
  • Navigating the world of serials: New initiatives in management and cataloguing – 15 ianuarie;

De asemenea există o sesiune de postere care are ca termen limită de trimitere a abstractelor 13 februarie. Posterele sunt prezentări vizuale ale unor cercetări sau programe (legate de tema conferinţei Libraries without borders: Navigating towards global understanding).

Tuturor celor care vor să trimită ceva mult succes!